Gretchen Whitmer will clean up our drinking water!

We need a governor who makes our water and the health of our families a top priority. This election the choice is simple: Gretchen Whitmer will stand up to special interests, clean our water and protect our Great Lakes.

Clean up our drinking water

Hold polluters accountable

Stand up to Companies like Nestle

Shut Down Line 5

Pledge to vote for Gretchen Whitmer for #OurWater on November 6.

Find your polling place today.

As Governor, Gretchen Whitmer will make Michigan a leader in freshwater protection.

She will put Michiganders to work cleaning up drinking water contamination and repairing and replacing our lead pipes.

She understands the scale of the PFAS drinking water crisis and will hold polluters accountable.

She has pledged to decommission the aging, damaged Line 5 pipeline and prevent a disastrous oil spill in the Great Lakes -- the largest source of drinking water for Michigan.